How To Get My Young Body Back With Abs After 40?

abs after 40 reviewAbs after 40 is a workout plan developed by a renowned fitness expert Mark Mcilyar for men above 40 years to attain six pack and get rid of belly fat. It is is designed to show men who are over 40 years of age the easiest way of:

-Burning off stubborn belly fats
-Revitalizing body to fight away physical problems and injuries.
-Shrinking inches of the waist
-Overcoming past injuries
-Getting back to your best shape.

Boost Your Workout Resutls With The Abs After 40 Fitness Program

Working out for men above 40 is a challenge according to Mark because of shortness of time and the ability of them not to pay heed to their much-needed fitness. Mark notes that it is important for people to take at least 15 minutes out of their busy schedule for exercise. Other reasons why working out is so difficult in men above 40 include:

-Lack of energy
-Doing wrong work out
-More stress
-More responsibilities
-Lower testosterone levels

The Program Phases To Achieving Abs At 40

Because of these challenges, abs after 40 program was developed to encourage more men to embrace exercise and achieve the final outcome within a short period of time. The programme has been split into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Fat loss jumpstart. In this phase, it's all about restarting the body's ability to burn off fat. The reduction in the ability to burn fat as men get old is because of the decrease in the production of testosterone in their body. This means that there is a need to work out exercises in a different way for men above 40 as compared to younger men.

Phase 2: Optimization of the male hormone. In this phase, the programme is all about getting back the production of the testosterone in your body. Getting the testosterone level up will not help in the burning of the fat but also improving the sex drive.

Phase 3: Full auto fat burning mode. After the optimization of the hormone testosterone, fat loss begins to speed up and the sort after abs start to become a reality and the result of the hard work begins to show.

Some Of The Program Pros

-It's a natural way of increasing testosterone levels hence 100% safe.
-Reduces chances of injuries since the exercise looks after the joints
-The program comes with advice on nutrition since nutrition and working out go hand in hand.
-The programme is developed specifically for men age above 40 making it specific to men of this age.

The only con noted is the ability of men to accept that they are getting older. The ability to accept that the testosterone levels are decreasing after the age of 40 is an issue for some men making them doubt the program.

In conclusion, if you are a man over 40 looking forward to getting some abs, it's important to focus on your nutrition and find the exercise that fits well for the changes in your body instead of taking some random exercise.